So it turns out the postcard was from us.


As always, we’re trying to make a point. This is a marketing campaign in stages, and we’re using it to show you just one example of how an original concept can really get your customers’ attention. Because you’re our customer. And we’ve got your attention.

So here’s the first thing you need to know.

You don’t need to explain everything in your first approach to potential clients. What we sent you has no logo, no branding and no explanation. Sometimes less is more, and a fully branded postcard with a direct message would quite probably have gone straight in the trash. It’s so often the case that things designed to grab your attention actually do the opposite. Is there anything easier to ignore than a giant billboard? Is there anyone more invisible than a sign-spinner?

Real marketing is about creating ideas that will stay with people long after all the basic noise has faded and gone. You’ve still got the postcard haven’t you?

We’ll be in touch. There are still four things you need to know.