You know the drill.

“Have you got something you can send me?”

I don’t know. Have we? There was that thing we put together a few weeks ago. We could probably use that. I’m not sure how to edit that document though. I think it was a PDF. The generic stuff doesn’t really work for this opportunity. I want to send something now or it will suck the momentum out of this. I should really talk to marketing.

And on, and on…

What if things were different? What if you clicked a link on your browser favorites bar and opened a live online resource of documents – all pre-designed and pre-approved? What if you could edit them right there to add your client’s name and logo, or a specific sales person’s contact details?

You could have a personalized document, that moves you closer to a meeting, in your prospective client’s inbox ten minutes after they hang up the phone. Modern, eye-catching and with a clear message.

If your competition are on top of this, you’re losing opportunities.

We can help you get everything lined up, and put you and your sales team back in the driving seat. You’ll also find that when it’s this easy, you’ll expand the number of people on your team engaging in sales.

It’s important, and it’s urgent.

So let’s talk about it.

Richard Spragg founded Hirebrand in 2015 to help Recruiters and other B2B companies take a more practical approach to marketing; it’s an approach rooted in sales and revenue generation.

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