The Client

Pears Foundation promotes understanding of key issues through research and education programs; they drive engagement in social progress across the UK and globally, particularly in young people, and support organisations focused on wellbeing for everyone, especially those with a tough challenge to face.

The Job

Pears had an incredible portfolio of accomplishments, and a wide ranging set of projects running day-to-day. What they lacked was a clear message to explain themselves to the community they served.

The Solution

Over three months, Hirebrand worked with Sir Trevor Pears and his team to define their message and purpose, and to write all of the content of their new website. The website, with its striking video leader and ground-breaking design were developed as a team project alongside the UK based consultancies Ape and Nipple.

The Results

Pears Foundation continues to go from strength to strength, focused on their mission to drive engagement, and offer guidance and motivation to bring more people to active citizenship.