Thank you for the opportunity to talk about Renegade. We’ve taken a look at your brand and available materials. Below you’ll find a summary of our recommendations. These are the things we suggest you focus on planning first. We’ll be happy to sit with you and go through our thoughts.


(1) Build a first class website that will:

Give the brand credibility
Provide information and showcase services
Work responsively across all devices
Make it easy to engage with the business
Provide recruitment functionality and job applications

Websites are the most important way to establish credibility. You cannot know the true cost to your business if you fall short in this. It must be slick, up-to-date, and communicate the key elements of your business offering.


(2) Establish a marketing function for the future

Renegade needs a marketing team that can work with the business, becoming a key weapon in revenue generation. Presentations & Sales Support, Digital Marketing and Quarterly coordinated campaigns are the elements that should be of interest going forward.

We suggest you consider the advantages of outsourcing marketing to an agency. This will get you all the skills you need that a single hire will never have. The skills you need include:

Message Development
Social Media
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Copy Writing
Web Design & Development

Building an internal team is time consuming and costly. It also means taking on the on-costs of a direct hire, and living with the constant threat that they will get another job, or simply not work out for a variety of very human reasons. An agency protects you from this; we’re there until you don’t want us to be.


Delivery: 180 Day Project

We propose a fixed term 180 day project. It may seem like a long time, but it will go by very quickly. At the end of this period, this project will accomplish the following:

Messaging Document Completed
Website finished and signed off
Full suite of Sales materials including PPT templates & PDFs
Brand guide delivered
Social Media set up
Digital designs and concept for first advertising campaign delivered
Marketing Strategy proposed for next 12 months

The 6 month project will cost $8,400 per month, payable in advance each month with no commitment to continue beyond the month you have paid for. (If you don’t like what you see, walk away at any time with no further cost.)

At the end of 6 months, if you see the potential for a long term relationship, we will continue based on what we agree at that point. Again, no commitments.


Why Hirebrand?

Not all agencies are the same. It can take a long time to find the right one. The advantages of Hirebrand over the competition include:

Wide experience of marketing in the US and the local market
Focused on staffing and HR businesses (We understand your model.)
Detailed knowledge of the energy industry
Headquartered in Texas
Already known to Renegade through our five year relationship with Competentia
Great reputation for delivering value, with case studies
Ready to deliver quickly, with minimum disruption

Overall, we’d recommend moving forward pretty quickly if you can. Your current set up is probably hurting the business more than you realize.

If you want to move forward to working out a detailed Scope of Work, just text or call Richard Spragg any time on (713) 876 6045, or email


Next Steps

In-person meeting to review ideas and discuss potential relationship.


Prepared for:
Michael Johnson