The Client

Swift spent 35 years at the forefront of the global Oil & Gas industry, developing an unrivaled reputation for staffing major projects. After our project completed, they went through a major merger with AirEnergi, becoming Airswift.

The Swifties were a remarkably committed and capable team, based in locations of strategic importance to the Oil & Gas industry all over the world. We spent three months with sales leadership and the global marketing team to create a dynamic and usable framework to showcase their long history of successful delivery.

The Job

The organization had a long track record of delivery, but their sales materials needed upgrading and organizing so that the right message could be put to the right client at the right time.

The Solution

We worked with Swift’s sales and marketing functions to deliver an easy, interactive system to make responding to sales opportunities fast and effective. Swikipedia allowed everyone in the organization to quickly access a wide library of materials that could be customized by the internal marketing department and focused to meet individual opportunities.

The Results

Swift gained market share and achieved growth during a very difficult time for the industry. By focusing on consolidation and a change in the way they approached sales and marketing, they were able to attract a buyer and complete a successful exit.

"The results were impressive; I am happy to recommend them."

Tobias Read, CEO